Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Today in Jolly Old England!

It has been a really busy week so far so I am a little behind in getting this sent. It is very cold here and damp. We have been sick with the flu for several days, so we are a little behind with everything. The flu is really going around here and the whole ward is sick. In fact, they had a Valentine's Dance on Saturday and the only ones who showed up were about 8 women and Kenneth. Needless to say, Kenneth didn't want to dance at all so the women just got up on the floor and all danced together. Kenneth just sat and ate the refreshments!!! These women from Ghana in our ward really know how to cook. The food is delicious and lots of it. I was planning to tell you a little bit about the church here. Our building was built in 1887, at least the front part of it. It is four stories high with little steep stairs that are pretty hazardous. A chapel and cultural hall were built on the back of the old building. It is not in great shape. They seem to have the idea here that if something is old you can not throw it away, because it might become valuable again at some point. There is so much old junk lying around that it is unbelievable. Kenneth calls it an Archive here at the chapel. We have gradually begun throwing things away. We have cleaned up many of the classrooms and refinished all of the chalkboards. Our next project is to clean out the cultural hall and shampoo the carpets. The people in our ward are the best. They are very sincere and so very friendly. They suffer a lot of opposition here. It is hard to be a member of our church. Many employers don't want to give them Sunday off and everything here is geared towards the carnal and worldly things. Our youth are strong though, even though there are few of them. We have been teaching Seminary. We usually get about 6 students out each night. We teach it on every night between Tuesday and Friday. Kenneth has been working with the Ward Clerk to clean up the rolls of the ward. Last night, we were able to get rid of 20 memberships of people who have either moved long ago or have died in the last few years. We are systematically making visits and calls to check on addresses and phone numbers of people who at one time or another used to live here. We now have the missionary effort here running in high gear and we hope to see lots of results.
We hope you are all well. We miss seeing everyone, but at least we don't have enough free time to get too home sick. The four wheeling trip sounded like fun. We'd love to see all of the snow in Pine Valley. George Cropper (our neighbor) says that the snow is up to his hips at our cabin, but the cabin is still standing, so that is good news. I am attaching a picture of the London Temple. We try to get to it once a month. We went last month and are going down again on Friday. Cheerio!!!!!