Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Good Report on England!

Life is very busy here in jolly old England. We are getting into a routine and getting to know places and people. Sunday is an especially busy day for us. We are very busy during the block trying to keep everything running and then we spend most of the rest of the day feeding and working with the Elders. They have bottomless pits for stomachs, so we are going through lots of food, but we love it and them. One Elder is from Ohio, one from Arizona, one from France, and one from Northern England. They are so awesome. They are such hard workers. The work here is hard, but they keep smiling and do great. The ward is wonderful. There are about 150 members who are active. I would say that about 90% of the ward is black. They are such humble, loving people. They seem very grateful to have us here. I am about the only person in the ward who plays the piano, so I get used a lot there. Kenneth is very involved in the
Bishopric. They rely on his expertise. We have had wonderful weather here mostly for the last couple of days. On Thursday, however, we had a major gale with rain and wind that was terrific. Two ships in the Sea between Ireland and England got blown over. They had to rescue the crews and passengers. There were also about 200 people stranded on the M 62 for over 24 hours. I was glad that we were in Southern England and not further north. We are spending a lot of time right now trying to get the Institute and Seminary students all signed up and attending those meetings. The youth seem to be very strong here, but there are few of them. I am helping out with YW. I am very impressed with those that attend. There are no fence sitters here. They have to be truly converted to be attend. We are well. We went to downtown London on Monday with the Perrys, a couple from Prescott, AZ that we were in the MTC with. We went to "Wicked" and ate dinner down there. It was so wonderful. We are going to try to do some exploring down there about once a month. By the time some of you come over, we will know our way around. The bus, train, and tube system here is amazing. We have all the hook ups right here in Morden, so it only takes about 20 minutes to get into downtown London, so we have a good location here.