Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sunny England is Foggy today - AGAIN!

We have had a week and a half of beautiful sunny weather and now today it has turned cold and foggy again. Kenneth is trying to wash and dry our sheets. We have them spread out all over the house because it is too damp to dry anything outside. I'll tell you about our humble abode here. It is a row house about 75 years old. We have a small dining room and living room decorated in red and pink carpet. We have two red couches and BEAUTIFUL red velvet drapes. I feel like I am in Marysvale again, staying in a brothel. Some of you will understand that. Ken and I were always assigned to the Red Light Room when our four wheeling group stayed at the Old Pine Inn up there. We probably have about four hundred square feet on the main floor. We also have a hallway kitchen on the main floor. One person has to go in and come out before another one can go in. Upstairs we have a small bathroom and two bedrooms. We even have a bed in each bedroom now, so we can accomodate guests when they show up. Yesterday, our friends, the Perrys, from Prescott, Arizona presented us with a blow up mattress to put on top of our regular mattress. Wow, it was wonderful. It feels like a regular pillow top mattress from the states now. You are okay unless you fall out. It is now a long way to the floor.
We spent three days this week near Oxford with my family. We had a great visit and we were able to meet many extended members of the family at a big family birthday party. Kenneth made a good impression and now they all want us to come and visit them. We will do that periodically as we have time in the next few months. We also went to Blenhiem Palace, where Winston Churchill was raised. It is so massive that it takes your breath away. The grounds were so beautiful.
We are keeping busy here. We have a new responsibility added to our list. We are now teaching Seminary to add to our list of jobs. This year the curriculum is the Old Testament, so that will be a huge test for me because I have long tried to avoid that book. I guess this serves me right. I will have to learn it now!
We were able to watch President Hinckley's funeral at the Stake Center here. It was a great tribute to a great man. We are really excited about President Monson and his new Europeon Counselor, Pres. Uchtdorf. I think it will be a great help in proselyting over here. Too many people think that our church is an American Church and that we tend to think we are a little superior to the rest of the world. I think that this should soften that perception.
We are well and happy, although we really miss home and everyone there. We understand that you have had lots of storm there. We are doing our best to send it your way. Thanks so much for all of your prayers. We can feel the strength of them in our challenges here.