Sunday, March 23, 2008

Our Church in Mitcham

We have had a very busy week. We have been busy remodeling the library in the church here. This building, which I am including a picture of this week, was built in 1881. It used to be the mission office for years, but has been converted into a chapel and the mission office has been moved years ago down by the temple. It is in bad need of repairs. It is a very unique building as there are a million small rooms and doors and halls running everywhere. It is a very spooky place to be when the wind is blowing, because there are creaks and groans all over the place. Last week when we had our District Meeting there, the Elders were saying that this building would be the perfect place to play the game "Murder". There are so many places to hide. "Capture the Flag" or "Hide and Seek" would also be a hoot to play in there. Anyway, the library has been in a small hall like room on the top floor of the building. It was very
inaccessible and never used. Kenneth called it an archive. When we first explored the building looking at classrooms,etc, I saw the room on the 2nd floor that used to be the mission office and thought that it would be the perfect place for the library. It is large, light and airy, and has a built in glass window in the front of the room. I got up courage to approach the Bishop and asked him if we could move it there and reorganize it. He immediately said,"Yes." So we began to plan. I saw the perfect opportunity it the Perry's, our good friends here because he is builder from Prescott, Arizona. I asked for their help and because he is a man who likes projects just like I am a woman who likes projects, he agreed. He even went out and bought a power drill, hammers, screw drivers, etc. Last Monday, we packed up everything and had the missionaries help us haul everything down the stairs and then Kenneth and Steve Perry began to disassemble the
shelves and cupboards. We moved them with the help of the missionaries to the new room and reassembled them. It was remarkable because everything fit almost as if they were specially built for that room. I figure that the Lord inspired us in our work. Sis. Perry and I spent the next few days sorting through the supplies, discarding much of the old things, and reorganizing everything in the new room. It looks so good. I am now ordering some new supplies and getting ready to hold an open house so that everyone can learn how to use the library to help them in their teaching. It has been such a fun project. I am now looking for another one just like it. Actually, we still have to clean all the carpets, repaint, etc. before we are finished.
The kitchen has been cleaned, the cultural hall has been completely renovated, the janitor's closet has been organized and now this next week we will be hanging up about 18 painting that we have ordered. In between all of this we are working with several inactives and part member families so life is busy and productive.
We did spend one day this week at the family history library at Hyde Park. It is a wonderful spot. I was able to locate a few more of my mom's family members. It is so exciting to finally be doing some of the geneological work that she tried so hard to complete before she passed away in 1996.
We hope you are well and happy there. It sounds like the weather is wonderful at home. It is still cold here. It even snowed today. We told them that they have their holidays mixed up. They are supposed to have snow on Christmas and nice weather on Easter, but they just said that is the way things are here in
England. Oh well, someday spring will come here, too.