Monday, March 10, 2008

Grocery Shopping in London!

Life is very busy, but very fulfilling. We have inherited a few new jobs so our days and nights are full. Sister Perry and I are working on the music for Stake Conference. We are trying to organize a choir and it is a challenge, because many people here have no idea what part singing in music is all about, but we are up to the challenge so we are willing to give it a shot. We are also working on the May Ball. As you can imagine, Kenneth is thrilled to be organizing a big dance. It might even mean that he will have to ATTEND IT! I am also helping to organize the Relief Society Birthday Party in a couple of weeks, so with Seminary, Choir, Ward Organist, Gospel Doctrine Teacher, Bishopric, Ward Janitor, etc. we are out of our heads.
I wanted to explain to you a little bit about one of my favorite parts of London. It is Grocery Shopping. I have often wondered why English people shop for food pretty much every day. Well, now we know. First of all, the refrigerators are so small that you can only get a few groceries in at a time and second of all you have to carry all of your groceries home in bags or a rolling suitcase sometimes for several miles. It is a real treat. I have tried to talk Kenneth into taking one of our big suitcases to the grocery store to put our things in, but he refuses because it will embarass him, so we make up our list of must haves. It always includes ICE CREAM AND CHOCOLATE SAUCE. For the first few weeks we were here, we could not find chocolate sauce and it was almost the end of the world because every night Kenneth had to eat vanilla ice cream by itself with no chocolate sauce. So we head to the store and buy only what we have to have. Then we run
to catch the bus. (You either have to run for the bus every time or you stand and wait for it to come for 15-20 minutes.) You will all be awed to find out that I can now almost outrun Kenneth to the bus stops. I am really getting into shape. You climb onto the bus with hundreds of other shoppers loaded down with their bags. Sometimes you find a seat, but mostly you are standing and trying not to fall over with all of your loot. Then we get off the bus and proceed to carry our bags in our arms for about 1/2 a mile to our house and then the fun begins. You have to try to find a place in our TINY kitchen to put it all away. Then in a couple of days, it repeats itself again. What fun!
We have been busy with reactivation and becoming friendly with several part member families. We have high hopes for a couple of them. We are going to have Family Home Evening with one family this week and another one next week. Pray for our success because these are both great families.
We were able to go to downtown London on Thursday. We went to the Natural History Museum. I am attaching a picture of the huge Diplodicus Dinosaur skeleton that was in that wonderful museum. After the museum visit, we went to the Family History Center at the Hyde Park Chapel. The directors are Elder and Sister Snow from St. George. We had a great visit with them and then proceeded to do some searching for some of my mothers ancestors. I was so excited when we found some names on one line and were able to go back a couple of generations. It was great. I was so excited. Next time we go I will try and find some more.