Saturday, January 12, 2008

We're finally here!

Hello everyone, We arrived here safely on Wednesday, January 9th, after a few mishaps. We missed our plane for London in Dallas, Texas so we had to spend the night there, but we finally arrived. No one was there to meet us so after a few phone calls we finally found someone who knew we were coming. We spent the first night at the mission office, and went to find our flat in London. Unfortunately, the landlord was in the hospital so we were essentially homeless for a few hours. I managed to get a hold of my cousin, Judy, and she thankfully took us in until Monday, when my other cousin Donald will come down and take us to London for another try to get into our flat. So far it has been a series of mishaps, but I'm sure it will get better. We will be stationed in a London suburb called Morden. It is about 3 miles from Wimbledon, so our boys are thrilled about that. Our address there is 2 Llanthony Road, Morden, Surrey, England
SM46DX. I will not have a phone or internet hooked up for a few days so I will email again when that happens. It has been pouring with rain for the last three days, but today the sun is shining, so it feels really good. Hope all is well with you. Love and best wishes, Ken and Barbara Beckstrom