Monday, January 28, 2008

Foggy England is here today!

Dear friends and family, It is a very foggy English morning. We woke up early to a phone call from the Zone Leaders telling us that President Hinckley had passed away during the night. What a surprise. He had seemed to be so vigorous lately. He was a great prophet and will be sorely missed. It is so wonderful though to see the great order in the church. I'm sure President Monson will be set apart as the new prophet in the next few days. I guess we will be getting together as a mission to watch the funeral via satellite. The gospel is true and the Lord is in charge. What a comfort that is. We are doing well here. Yesterday was Sunday and so another busy Sunday it was. I was called as the new Gospel Doctrine Teacher, played the piano for both Sacrament Meeting and Relief Society, and am going to working in the YW Organization. It will keep me busy, but that is what we are here to do. The ward is great, but they need leadership help so badly.
They are already putting Kenneth to work organizing all of the Sacrament Topics and speakers for the year. He will be very good for this new bishopric. We have been busy visiting inactive members systematically. We get a list of all the inactives in a certain area, then walk about 1/2 mile to the bus, ride the bus for about 1 hour, then walk the neighborhoods until we are too tired to do more. At least, we are getting into good shape with all the walking. We have had several great welcomes and some warm receptions where we think we can really make a difference and then we have had a couple of doors slammed in our faces. So goes missionary work. I'm still not used to that kind of a reception, but I'm sure that I will get more used to it. We are going into London tonight with another couple here from Prescott, AZ. They have a car so they will pick us up and we are going to the play "Wicked". I am so excited. The London Temple also opens up again this week so we are going with the Bishop and his family to the temple all day on Wednesday. Life is good and we are adjusting.