Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We made the news!

Walking the trails of Windsor

The Visitor's Centre

Look at the silver sun

January is nearing an end and already we are getting over an hour more daylight than we were getting in December. It is great. Now it is not dark until almost 5:00 PM. Life is good and very busy. We spend our days walking the trails of the temple grounds, doing genealogy, working at the Visitors' Centre, going to the temple, attending a few of the activities planned here by the temple workers, and occasionally driving the 5 miles into East Grinstead or Crawley to do a little shopping. What a life!

We are now officially on Facebook on a selection called "I Love the Temple". A publicity man from here in England came in and did an interview with us and we hear that it is now on Facebook. I have not seen it yet, but I think it is supposed to be there. When the January Ensign came out, we looked inside and in the English insert which is in the middle of each Ensign, there is an article that I wrote when the Centre opened in October. It goes as follows:

"Elder Kenneth Beckstrom and Sister Barbara Beckstrom have been called as the directors of the newly remodeled and rededicated Visitors' Centre at the London Temple. The Centre has been completely remodeled and now has a magnificent Christus and several interactive displays about the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The renovated cinema will show a variety of Church films on a regular and/or requested basis. These will include "Joseph Smith-the Prophet of the Restoration". Visits to the Centre are a wonderful opportunity for members to bring firends and fmaily and for stake and ward groups to learn more about the Gospel. It is hoped that the Visitors' Centre will create an added incentive for members to attend the London Temple on a more regular basis. The beautifully manicured grounds with massive trees, glistening ponds, and colorful flowers and shrubs are in the tradition of many of the gardens for which Southern England is known. The sacred feeling and respite from daily life that is felt in the temple is also prevalent in the Visitors' Centre. Reservations for groups can by made by . . . If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Elder or Sister Beckstrom."

We are now making a final push to get schools to bring groups in here for field trips, tour bus groups to put the temple on their agendas for a stop here to tour the beautiful gardens and the Visitors' Centre. I am currently working on letters to send out to those two groups. We also have a ribbon-cutting planned for the first part of April. The local publicity people here in the Crawley Stake are planning on inviting Winston Churchill's grandson to do the ribbon-cutting and we will be inviting many groups from Southern England to attend this big event.

The days go by quickly and we are happy. We love hearing from each of you.
It is good to know that you are still there and that you haven't completely forgotten who we are!!! Have a great week. We think of you often with fondness for the part that you have played in our lives.