Sunday, August 3, 2008

Breaking and entering in Morden!

Kenneth at Wimbledon Park

Another week has quickly slipped away and here we go on August. We had a few days of unbearably warm weather and now the cool, rainy weather has returned. I've decided that I like this cool, rainy weather the best so I will not wish for hot, muggy summer any more. We keep very busy with many assorted responsibilities. We have done lots of visiting this past week with part-member families, new-member families, and inactive families. We seem to be making a lot of progress, but we shall see.
We had an experience this past week that was amazing. Kenneth and I went down to the post office to mail a package to Brian and Lacy in Ohio. They expecting their first little baby in October or November and I found a cute English baby present for them. As we walked out of our door, I asked Kenneth, "Do you have your keys because I don't have my purse today?" He responded, "Yes, I have my keys." So off we went and when we came back he realized that he had his church keys, but not his house keys, so the dilemma was - How do we get into our house now without having to call a locksmith? We went through our neighbor's back garden, into our back garden and discovered that we had left a small window open in the back of the house. The opening was about 10 inches high by about 3 feet wide. Kenneth looked at that and thought that he could scoot through the opening. The window opening is about 8 feet from the ground. He scooted a trash can over and got on top of it and proceeded to push himself through the small opening. I was pushing him as hard as I could up and through the opening. It was quite a struggle and quite a sight. I wish that I had gotten it all on video. Everyone could have gotten a good laugh. I pushed and he slid and grabbed the drapes so that he wouldn't fall too far. He finally managed to find the floor inside the house without breaking any BONES!!! He now has a huge bruise from the back of his knee to the top of his thigh. It is quite a battle scar. He also has all of his keys on one key chain now and they will stay that way for the rest of the time we are here. Now when I look at the size of that window, I marvel that he could fit through there and that he didn't kill himself when he fell to the floor. It is really good that he is still in such great shape that he is flexible enough to make that kind of a manuever. The window Kenneth crawled through (the top small window)

We spent a great day on Saturday running a Wandsworth Stake Sports Day at Wimbledon Park. This park is right outside the huge tennis facility and is a beautiful place. We organized track and field events for everyone and everyone seemed to have a great day. This was a joint project that we organized and ran with our friends, the Perrys. Some of the black men and women here are superb runners and leapers. They look like something straight out of the Olympic Trials. It was pretty impressive.
If any of you are interested, our daughter, Brooke, has put all of our emails on a blog for us. The address is: This will be a great reminder for us when we get home of what we did each week on our mission. We will publish the letters into a book and that will be our journal. Great idea. Thanks, Brooke
Well, we hope that you are surviving the hot summer weather. School starts next week and that is unbelievable. The summer has gone by so quickly for us and I'm sure for all of the children who have to go back to school soon. We love hearing your news. We hope all is well with all of you. We are praying for our dear friend, Debbie Blake, who we understand is very ill. Please let her know that our thoughts and prayers are with her.
We are well and happy here, but we miss all of you and think of you often. Take care and have a great week!